Safety On The Internet

Three basic functions of the media, as one of the pillars that hold any society, are educational, informative and entertaining, but with its implementation is generated and it’s constantly changing the relationship between a society and its communication system. The mass media have an important place in the everyday life of adults and especially children, impacting directly on the formation of their attitudes, beliefs, habits and value systems.

The popularity of the Internet as a new and ever-present media, day by day grows due to the opportunities that the Internet offers in the fields of entertainment and socialization. The illusion of anonymity and protection on the one hand and boundless freedom on the other hand, which are characteristic of this medium, make it an ideal attractive for the youngest audience. Only a small number of children recognize the opportunities for education and information that the Internet offers, and it’s mainly used only for fun, playing games or downloading music, movies, video clips or images.

The Internet is a very unsecured and contains a wealth of content inappropriate for children. In addition, there are frequent cases of abuse and other Internet such as impersonation, or encourage bullying by expanding the content that ridicules or endangers someone’s safety or dignity. Since most people are still not sufficiently informed about the importance of safe use of the Internet among a large number of parents and still there is a belief that children are safest in the home, at the computer.

So Sky produced Sky Broadband shield that can help you and your children to be safe on the Internet. You can select what type of content can be allowed to search for on your computer. You can also limit it to the age or part of the day. If you don’t like some websites block them with one click. You have also antivirus that can protect your device from malware. And Sky’s team support is working for 24 hours. If you need some technical repair you can call them. Also if you have a problem on the internet, that someone disturbs you or something similar, report it. Sky will do everything to make their customers satisfied and safe. Feel free to contact this Sky customer service number for more details.

Not only that at children is not developed awareness of the need for a limited time and content access, but a large part of the parents does not recognize this as a problem. The most likely causes are a lack of information and lack of experience in the use of new technologies. It is available to the children on the Internet the most diverse content and without supervision or adequate information and warnings, instead useful and fun, the Internet can become dangerous and harmful. That is the reason why you should contact Sky and keep safe your family and friends. Sky is not just a company that does a job automatically and doesn’t care about customers. Users are the most important piece of this big family. So connect and feel freedom and safety in your home. Under the Sky.